There are five kinds of elemental flakes. Each one is keyed to a certain element, and deals damage of that element (except the Elemental Flake).

Air FlakeEdit

The Air Flake is a wind-based weapon. It doesn't have much, and is pretty much air. However, Wind uses it as a powerful focus. It tends to increase the magic attack of the wielder.

Earth FlakeEdit

The Earth Flake is a earth-based weapon. It is a cross made of stone, but enhanced by earth magic. It tends to increase the defense of the wielder.

Water FlakeEdit

The Water Flake is a water-based weapon. It is a liquid cross, kept together by mystical means. It tends to increase the speed of the wielder.

Fire FlakeEdit

The Fire Flake is a fire-based weapon. It is a flaming cross. It usually has the highest attack of the four, and also tends to increase attack. However, it isn't usually enough to make it worthwhile for a mage to attack with.

Elemental FlakeEdit

The Elemental Flake is the result of a combination of the four above flakes. It has a arm of each flake (Air, Earth, Water, and Fire), and is very powerful. It occasionally uses all four elements, but is more often non-elemental.

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