The Eagle Triumph is a shortsword created in the Nyntindois universe. It is modeled after a bird's claw, and the hilt is fashioned into a wingspan. It is usually low-powered, but is air-based and continually has the wielder under a float spell.

War of the Worlds XI: Destiny's CallEdit

The Eagle Triumph is found at a dead end in Quartz Tunnel. It is a Sword.

Eagle Triumph
Base Damage: 30
Slots: 1 filled (Float), 1 unattached
Equipped by: Destiny, Syrris, Kenisis
Special: Auto-float.

War of the Worlds XII: Return of RuteorEdit

Eagle Triumph
Base Damage: 24
Accuracy: 98
Equipped by: Michael


The Ravenclaw is an improved Eagle Triumph. The claw on the end of the hilt has three diamond claws, and the wingspan of the hilt is greatly accentuated. Therre is also an image of a raven on the hilt, near the base of the shaft. The blade itself is a thick straight blade, and it has supports on the sides. Each time it is swung, feathers flutter out of it.

No one knows why the Ravenclaw is an improvement over the Eagle Triumph, as Eagles are usually more powerful than Ravens. It is Wind-based, and improves speed.

War of the Worlds XI: Destiny's CallEdit

The Ravenclaw can only be obtained by adding a "Float" Alchemy Stone on the Eagle Triumph. The first time you can create it is after the battle with Charles. It is a Wind-based Sword.

Base Damage: 80
Slots: 2 filled (Float), 2 attached
Equipped by: Destiny, Syrris, Kenisis
Special: Auto-float, +2 Speed.

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