Diggers are a Nyntindois species that is fairly few in number. They seem like mole-people, and are usually found working underground. They are short in statue, but very stocky. They are sometimes called "Nyntindois Dwarfs" due to the similarity between the two races. They are also often skilled metalworkers. Most of the exports of digger lands are minerals and worked metals. In current times, this means that some of the best transport systems are found in digger lands.

Diggers have sharp claws that they use for digging. They also create various clawed weapons for defense, thought they usually use a series of tunnels as a form of defense. They are like prairie dogs in this way, creating a maze of tunnels and a close-knit bond of family. Many diggers dress in a series of gray bandages, covering all but their face and hands to prevent dirt and other items from getting into their clothing. It is said that they can work an entire day without using the restroom.

Skull diggers are a sub-species of diggers. As a sign of power, they wear cow-like skulls on their head. The larger and more decorated skulls are usually a good indication of power among other diggers.

Chris is probably the most powerful digger at the moment. There are no Elemental Gems that have diggers as a representative, but most revere Quartz due to their attachment to the earth.

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