Christmas Cube copy

Cube-like interior

"Third" Dungeon of Christmas game. This is a difficult teleportation maze with multiple stories. It is easy to get lost in it.

Kaitlyn is standing guard outside, and it's also possible to pick up a chest containing a Viking Helm.

Top FloorEdit

The top floor of the dungeon. Items are in Map 027 (Ice Shield, Mage's Gown), Map 036 (Alchemist's Shield, Atlas Bangle, Mahou Shoujo Rod), Map 045 (25,000 or Mage Masher (Cook only) or Blood Sword (Trevor only), and Map 047 (Destiny Knot and Purity Rose). The gravemarker is in Map 038. The Cow is in Map 045. Klos is in Map 047, selling the Storm Armor. Map 045 and 047 also have exits to the outside where a chest containing 75,000 is.

Map029 Map027 Map032

Map036 Map037 Map038

Map045 Map046 Map047

Middle FloorEdit

The Middle Floor of the dungeon. You start here.

Map033 Map028 Map031

Map039 Map040 Map041

Map048 Map051 Map052

Bottom FloorEdit

The Bottom Floor of the dungeon. Items are in Map030 (6x Mountain Dew or 6x Live Wire Dew (Jim Only) or 6x Typhoon Dew (Eric only), Chemistry Book). Jacob is in Map030 as well.

Map034 Map035 Map030

Map042 Map043 Map044

Map049 Map050 Map053

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