Fourth Dungeon of Christmas game. This is a plain-maze, with all goals hidden underground. This makes it difficult to go far. Before you enter, remember to pick up the Lord's Robe and Gentleman's Gauntlet. You can also talk to Annie.

The Gravemarker is on the very top floor, where the boss lies.


  • Green: Path up
  • Red: Path down
  • Blue: Chest
  • Black: Klos
  • Brown: Horse

Floor 1Edit


29/07 Path; 48/15, 10/42, 55/56

Items: Code Red Dew x3, Throwback Dew x3 or Dark Berry Dew x3 (Jim only) or Pitch Black Dew x3 (Eric only), 100,000g.

Floor 2Edit


11/12 Path; 05/03, 43/37, 04/55

Items: Brigandine Wall, 25,000g, 100,000g or Masamune (Trevor only) or Excalibur (Cook only).

Floor 3Edit


53/48 Path; 44/06, 11/13, 27/31

Items: Maximillian, Jade Earring. Nick Klos's item is the Draconic Shield.

Floor 4Edit


29/29 Path; 03/02, 40/13, 06/54

Items: Magician's Hat, 3 Red Gems. The horse gives the Horse's Key as Charlie, but will also give any player (including Charlie) a Hiroko's Loop.

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