The latest area added to the Christmas games, the Rift Dungeons are new bonus dungeons. They appear in first screens of the the initial dungeon areas, and contain new challenges. This includes battles with Tux, Itharak, Hidden Death, and Thomas Lobo.

Once you defeat all four opponents the last one will give you the "Achievement C". With all three Achievements you can turn them in to get a "Dew Bottle".

TownCity (Klos's Dungeon)Edit

This rift dungeon is a bustling city, with winding paths. You must navigate the paths, make an odd decision, and get help from someone you'd least expect.

Item: Everlasting Dew

Mainframe Core (Jim's Dungeon)Edit

In this rift dungeon the idea is to turn off Jim's computer to get his attention. The following items must be turned off.

  • Cakeputer
  • Lootputer
  • Beerputer
  • Candleputer
  • ComPigter
  • Bookputer

After that you have to be timely to hit off the emergency switch.

Item: Game Fuel Lemon Dew

Fiend Nest (Jacob's Dungeon)Edit

There are many NPCs here and getting caught by any of them will take you back to the start.

Item: Zero Wing

Graveyard (Trevor's Dungeon)Edit

In this rift dungeon you must brave the traps laid by Trevor. Be careful as the path may be winding, but it is better than being at his mercy.

Item: Sangrita Blast Dew

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