Various maps of the first few areas of the game. You have the option to choose between seven characters as well as a "dummy". If you choose a character you'll have a bit more dialogue but you'll lose out on your respective shopkeeper.

Introduction areaEdit


Josh welcomes you and gives you equipment (all characters have the same starting equipment). He also levels you up to level 50.


  • Game Fuel R Dew (leftmost chest)
  • Game Fuel B Dew (rightmost chest)
  • 50,000g (center chests)



Once you spawn in you have a battle with Aloe Seed. After defeating it you'll be able to explore the world.

BATTLE: Aloe SeedEdit

Aloe Seed copy

  • HP: 100
  • MP: 0
  • ATK: 10
  • DEF: 10
  • MAT: 10
  • MDF: 10
  • AGI: 50
  • LUK: 10
    • Rewards: 435 EXP, Mountain Dew

Special Qualities: Hit +95%, Immune to neutral-damage spells, Death weakness 1000%

Patterns: Looked at Funny (causes Death on itself 100%)

Aloe Seed is weak and kills itself in the first turn. You can help it out by hitting it with anything except a neutral spell (like Magic Missle).

Remember the square the tree is on when on the world map.

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