This article is about Charlie from the PSWhoa comics. For other uses of the word "Charlie", see Charlie (disambiguation).

This page is a place holder for Charlie in D&D. If you have more information, such as a character sheet, please add it to this page. (that means you, Charlie)

Artist's rendition




No one actually knows where Charlie came from, but there are many speculations. The main one involves Charlie's love of Eidolons and temporal Magic. It states that Charlie is an eidolon of herself sent into the past. It explains why Charlie doesn't remember anything about her past.

Playable in Dungeons & Dragons

Epic Campaign & Prior
Charlie (D&D) | Karth Wyrmbane | Devian Drake | Billy Geek
Falconsbane | Roc | Tux

3.5 Gestalt

Charlie (Gestalt) | William | Deacon Frost |

Blackheart's Fire

Arima | Charlie (warlock) | Lucius |

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