Plot: Epilogue to the First Dark Falz battle.

Note: A few "Crap"s were deemed inappropriate by Kuriboh, and thus changed.



Josh: Why did I put that there? This is more important.
Jordan: Intermission. This isn't funny, so we needed a pause.
Hidden Death: Mmmm...


Josh: Crud, the camera came on early!
Jordan: Places people, cut that out!
Hidden Death: Call me, baby!
Charlie: Give me my top! Don't look!


Josh: Um, yeah, we beat Dark Falz.
Jordan: Yeah, and Charlie went for the boss item, but it was a ring.
Hidden Death: We couldn't get the ring.


Josh: At least we won't need to do it again.
Jordan: Nope, we killed it.
Hidden Death: I don't think we've seen the last of him...

P1-5 Tink Tink


Nick: The ring controls me.
Dark Falz: *explictive*. Why do I have to be in an idiot...
Chapter 9: Reminents of Battle
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