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Chapter 6: The Dragon

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Plot: Charlie, Josh, and Jordan face the boss of Forest, Dragon.

Trivia: This is one of the few comics that has more than 6 panels on a page, with 8 panels.


Page 1 panel 1 (P1-1)

Josh: It's the Scaly Chicken!
Jordan: Ha
Charlie: Ha


Josh: Die!


Jordan: Barta!
Charlie: Barta!


Josh It's going to drill!
Jordan: I will use the map.
Charlie: I smell like Dragon butt!


Jordan: He's heading toward... CHARLIE!


Charlie: Aieee!


Jordan: We win!
Charlie: Look at him fall.
Josh: And fall and fall... Look out!


Charlie: This is not fair!
Jordan: Cheap, cheap dragon!
Chapter 6: The Dragon
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