Plot: Hidden Death (played by Jacob) kills his current partner, and as punishment gains Nick as a partner.

Trivia: This is the first time the phrase *explictive* was used.


Page 1 panel 1 (P1-1)

Extra: Die!
Hidden Death: Don't stand in my way!


Hidden Death: Oops!


Principal: That's the fourth partner you've killed!
Hidden Death: Has it only been four?


Principal: Don't get snappy! I'll give you a partner you can't kill.


Hidden Death: (thought) Maybe I'll get a hot Hunewearl.
Thought: Please shoot your rifle at me.
Hidden Death: (thought) ...or a nice Fomarl.
Thought: Foie!


Nick: Hi, new partner!
Hidden Death: Nooo!!


Nick: Heya Hidden Death! Guess we're partners.
Hidden Death: Get off me, you *explictive*


Principal: This is your last chance. If you kill him, you die.
Hidden Death: Why me?
Nick: Because you're in trouble.


Extra: Chances are, Nick will die.
Principal: Then we'll kill two birds with one stone.


Hidden Death: Don't move, bounty...
Nick: Hey, Bounty! We're over here!


Nick: Aiee! If you kill me, you die!
Hidden Death: It'll be worth it, you *explictive* *explictive*!
Chapter 4: Jacob & Nick
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