The Dark WarlockEdit

Cest is a very dark necromancer. He is allied with the royal family of Borialus, but isn't seen much. He has a dark and pessimistic personality. However, he does enjoy studying necromancy, and is very educated about human anatomy. Eventually, it is revealed that he studied dark magic to have a better idea of the dark powers. However, these same powers corrupted him into the beast today. If not for his experiences and falling into the dark arts, he says he would have became a powerful Bishop instead.

Cest is first seen in chapter 10x, during the defense of Borialus castle. However, he doesn't join Josh's army until he is rescued from the Cyclops Cavern. He presumably got separated from Crystal's party of refugees, and didn't bother to join up again.

Cest's closest friendship is with Jacob, a fellow death seeker. Overall, he has very secure supports in Jake and Benjamin, both strong supports. However, he doesn't gain more than a +1 per rank. He has the Resolve Skill, which also adds to the power of his summoned skeletons when he's below 50% health.

Cest starts out at level 8 in Chapter 10x, and retains experience from that battle. He starts with a S rank in Dark Magic.

Death call: "...Now... I Die... How.. Ironic..."
Level HP Str. Mag. Skl. Spd. Luck Def. Res.
8 44 9 16 17 17 6 6 15
Chance up per level 53% 7% 47% 20% 20% 13% 7% 40%
Estimated 20 52 10 23 25 20 8 7 21

Str. Mag. Skl. Spd. Luck Def. Res.
Benjamin Jacob Jake -- -- Warren --
+1 +1 +1 - - +1 -

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