Cards By Josh III is the third set of cards created by User Chaos Josh. It is a set of 40 cards. This set has two themes; Spirit monsters and Toon monsters.

  • Secret Rare - 2
  • Ultra Rare - 5
  • Super Rare - 5
  • Rare - 8
  • Common - 11

Monsters: 24

  • Normal Monsters - 4
  • Fusion Monsters - 1
  • Effect Monsters - 9
  • Synchro Monsters - 1
  • Toon Monsters - 2
  • Gemini Monsters - 1
  • Spirit Monsters - 5

Spell Cards: 4

  • Normal Spells - 2
  • Field Spells - 1
  • Equip Spells - 1

Trap Cards: 3

  • Normal Traps - 2
  • Counter Traps - 1

Cards By Josh III
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
CJ3-001 Squee Secret Rare Effect Monster
CJ3-002 Hefty Chicken Common Normal Monster
CJ3-003 Amazoness Regiment Rare Normal Monster
CJ3-004 Harpie's Shield Common Normal Monster
CJ3-005 Monitor Lizard Common Normal Monster
CJ3-006 Spell-Catcher - Juliet Rare Effect Monster
CJ3-007 Grease Monkey Common Effect Monster
CJ3-008 Hiruko Common Spirit Monster
CJ3-009 Amaterasu Ultra Rare Spirit Monster
CJ3-010 Yũrei Super Rare Spirit Monster
CJ3-011 Adequate Butterfly Rare Effect Monster
CJ3-012 Nitro Muka Muka Super Rare Synchro Monster
CJ3-013 Yōkai Ultra Rare Spirit Monster
CJ3-014 Amazoness Queen Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CJ3-015 Yuki-Onna Super Rare Spirit Monster
CJ3-016 Toon Fan - Anna May Common Effect Monster
CJ3-17 Blue-Eyes Toon Ultimate Dragon Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
CJ3-018 Toon Jinzo Super Rare Toon Monster
CJ3-019 Toon Dark Magician Rare Toon Monster
CJ3-020 Janken-Pon Common Effect Monster
CJ3-021 Fussia, Princess of the Dark World Rare Effect Monster
CJ3-022 Stormwing Dragon Super Rare Effect Monster
CJ3-023 Amorphous Blobby Common Gemini Monster
CJ3-024 Kusanagi - Divine Blade Common Equip Spell
CJ3-025 Magatama Jewels Common Normal Spell
CJ3-026 Mount Hiei Rare Field Spell
CJ3-027 Rapid Metamorphosis Common Normal Spell
CJ3-028 Leaves of Tanabata Rare Normal Trap
CJ3-029 Mind Games Ultra Rare Counter Trap
CJ3-030 Rewarded!! Common Normal Trap
CJ3-031 Mediator of Flames - Agni Secret Rare Effect Monster

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