Want some of the great cards in the many, many Cards by Josh series, but don't want to look through all the different files? This one set combines the first six sets, and puts them in one easy place.

Cards are from the sets of: Cards By Josh, Cards By Josh II, Cards By Josh III, Cards By Josh VI, Cards By Josh V, and Cards By Josh VI

(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
001 Injection Fairy Phillip Secret Rare Effect Monster
002 Cosmo Princess Common Normal Monster
003 Expert Swordmistress Common Normal Monster
004 Mummy Protector Common Fusion Monster
005 D.D. Life Support Cord Rare Effect Monster
006 Amazoness Brawler Common Effect Monster
007 Clockroach Common Effect Monster
008 Fire Queen Ultra Rare Effect Monster
009 Light of Tethys Super Rare Effect Monster
010 Cockroach Rare Effect Monster
011 Gravekeeper's Lord Super Rare Effect Monster
012 King Arborius Ultra Rare Ritual Monster
013 Aphotos the Illusion Monarch Ultra Rare Effect Monster
014 Luna, Queen of the Moon Super Rare Fusion Monster
015 D.D. Insanity Beast Rare Effect Monster
016 Spell-Catcher - Guy Common Effect Monster
017 Spell-Catcher - Grimmore Super Rare Effect Monster
018 Empower the Weak Common Continuous Spell
019 White Medicine Common Normal Spell
020 Altar for Summon Common Quick-Play Spell
021 Spell-Catcher Net Common Equip Spell
022 Coronation By Flames Super Rare Normal Spell
023 Ritual of Awakeningl Common Ritual Spell
024 Lance of Burning Desire Common Equip Spell
025 Sword of Dark Magic Common Equip Spell
026 Staff of White Magic Common Equip Spell
027 Aiming for Destruction Rare Normal Spell
028 Express Train to D.D. Rare Normal Trap
029 Bring Out the ONE Super Rare Continuous Trap
030 Memorial to the Doomed Common Normal Trap
031 Mediator of the Light - Seraphim Secret Rare Effect Monster
032 Hellfire Dragon Secret Rare Effect Monster
033 Tumbleweed Common Normal Monster
035 Chaos Beast Common Normal Monster
036 Weeping Willow Common Normal Monster
037 Chaos Command Whelp Common Normal Monster
038 Chaos Command Soldier Common Normal Monster
039 Chaos Command Sergeant Ultra Rare Effect Monster
040 Master Druid Common Effect Monster
041 Sprite of the Rainforest Common Effect Monster
042 Over-full Cactus Common Effect Monster
043 Chaos Command Dragon Rider Rare Union Monster
044 Sickle-Wielding Scarecrow Rare Effect Monster
045 Chaos Command Knight Common Effect Monster
046 Chaos Command Berserker Rare Effect Monster
047 Spell-Catcher - Maurice Rare Effect Monster
048 Tumbleweed Roller Super Rare Effect Monster
049 Chaos Command Grand Champion Ultra Rare Effect Monster
050 Chaos Command General Common Effect Monster
051 Chaos Command Warhorse Common Effect Monster
052 Dice Jar #2 Rare Effect Monster
053 Chaos Command Chariot Common Fusion Monster
054 Femme Fatale Super Rare Fusion Monster
055 Chaos Command Center Common Field Spell
056 Coin of Opportunity Rare Continuous Spell
057 Chaos Retrieval Common Normal Spell
058 Dimensional Material Release Common Normal Spell
059 Negate Action Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
060 Ancient Druid Grove Super Rare Field Spell
061 Seed Packet Rare Continuous Spell
062 Tumbleweed Control Common Normal Spell
063 Restoration Balm Common Normal Spell
064 Timber Rare Normal Trap
065 Counter Spill Rare Counter Trap
066 Chaos Command Revenge Super Rare Normal Trap
067 Order of the Commander Ultra Rare Normal Trap
068 Mask of Absolute Restrict Ultra Rare Continuous Trap
069 Wipe Recovery Super Rare Normal Trap
070 Tribute Retrieval Rare Counter Trap
071 Druidic Guard Common Continuous Trap
072 Mediator of Water - Charybdis Secret Rare Effect Monster
073 Squee Secret Rare Effect Monster
074 Hefty Chicken Common Normal Monster
075 Amazoness Regiment Rare Normal Monster
076 Harpie's Shield Common Normal Monster
077 Monitor Lizard Common Normal Monster
078 Spell-Catcher - Juliet Rare Effect Monster
079 Grease Monkey Common Effect Monster
080 Hiruko Common Spirit Monster
081 Amaterasu Ultra Rare Spirit Monster
082 Yũrei Super Rare Spirit Monster
083 Adequate Butterfly Rare Effect Monster
084 Nitro Muka Muka Super Rare Synchro Monster
085 Yōkai Ultra Rare Spirit Monster
086 Amazoness Queen Ultra Rare Effect Monster
087 Yuki-Onna Super Rare Spirit Monster
088 Toon Fan - Anna May Common Effect Monster
089 Blue-Eyes Toon Ultimate Dragon Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
090 Toon Jinzo Super Rare Toon Monster
091 Toon Dark Magician Rare Toon Monster
092 Janken-Pon Common Effect Monster
093 Fussia, Princess of the Dark World Rare Effect Monster
094 Stormwing Dragon Super Rare Effect Monster
095 Amorphous Blobby Common Gemini Monster
096 Kusanagi - Divine Blade Common Equip Spell
097 Magatama Jewels Common Normal Spell
098 Mount Hiei Rare Field Spell
099 Rapid Metamorphosis Common Normal Spell
100 Leaves of Tanabata Rare Normal Trap
101 Mind Games Ultra Rare Counter Trap
102 Rewarded!! Common Normal Trap
103 Mediator of Flames - Agni Secret Rare Effect Monster
104 Necropotence Secret Rare Continuous Spell
105 Toon Happy Fun Ball Common Normal Monster
106 Chaos Command Tank Rare Normal Monster
107 Ligator Common Fusion Monster
108 Spell-Catcher - Arnold Super Rare Effect Monster
109 Spell-Catcher - Ewan Rare Effect Monster
110 Toon Maiden of the Aqua Common Effect Monster
111 Toon Kaibaman Super Rare Effect Monster
112 Chaos Command Warlord Super Rare Effect Monster
113 Ancient Gear Tactician Super Rare Effect Monster
114 Necromancer Rare Effect Monster
115 Elder Mind Ultra Rare Effect Monster
116 Bombos Common Rare Effect Monster
117 Gearfried the Toon Knight Common Effect Monster
118 Trap Tapeworm Common Effect Monster
119 Gadget Radio Station Common Effect Monster
120 Gadjiltron Thunder Storm Rare Synchro Monster
121 Ancient Gear Crusher Ultra Rare Synchro Monster
122 Ancient Gear Synchron Common Tuner Monster
123 Rampaging Gadgitron Bolt Rare Synchro Monster
124 Copyright Infringement Rare Normal Spell
125 Anvil Super Rare Normal Spell
126 Synchronize Watch Rare Continuous Spell
127 Graveyard Shift Common Normal Spell
128 Bindings of Rejection Common Equip Spell
129 Reality Revision Common Field Spell
130 Photosynthesis Common Normal Spell
131 Brick Wall Common Normal Trap
132 Rerun Rare Normal Trap
133 Blank Draw Ultra Rare Normal Trap
134 Cream Pie Burst Common Continuous Trap
135 Recover From the Shuffle Common Normal Trap
136 Mediator of Stone - Atlas Secret Rare Effect Monster
137 Defficency Virus Secret Rare Normal Trap
138 Horrid Pumpkin Common Normal Monster
140 Singeing Candle Common Normal Monster
141 Creature of the Depths Common Normal Monster
142 Wind Appariation Common Effect Monster
143 Raggamuffin Super Rare Effect Monster
144 Forgotten Golem - Iron Colossus Common Effect Monster
145 Forgotten Golem - Mirror Construct Rare Effect Monster
146 Forgotten Golem - Invincible Fortress Ultra Rare Ritual Monster
147 Forgotten Golem - Invisible Wall Common Effect Monster
148 Forgotten Golem - Clay Packing Common Effect Monster
149 Wingman Common Tuner Monster
150 Thousand Year-Old Falcon Ultra Rare Synchro Monster
151 Guardian Barbe Common Effect Monster
152 Guardian Nanoha Ultra Rare Effect Monster
153 Guardian Ikkoku Super Rare Effect Monster
154 Guardian Sakura Common Effect Monster
155 Gradius V Common Synchro Monster
156 Gradius' Power-Up Common Effect Monster
157 B.E.S. Cosmic Divider Super Rare Fusion Monster
158 Chaos-Sealed Case Common Effect Monster
159 Black Luster Squire Super Rare Effect Monster
160 Micro Chef Common Effect Monster
161 Toon Collector - Nagi Rare Effect Monster
162 Sawtooth Glaive - Barbe Common Equip Spell
163 Raising Heart - Nanoha Rare Equip Spell
164 Three-Section Staff - Ikkoku Super Rare Equip Spell
165 Samurai Katana - Sakura Super Rare Equip Spell
166 Forgotten Golem Ritual Common Ritual Spell
167 Armory Search Common Normal Spell
168 Trash Exchange Common Normal Spell
169 D.D. Ritual Common Ritual Spell
170 Syphon Common Equip Spell
171 Big Core's Incredible Shield Rare Continuous Spell
172 Become Feral Rare Equip Spell
173 Golem Wall Rare Normal Trap
174 Golem Shield Common Continuous Trap
175 Gradius's Revival Common Normal Trap
176 Ratings Week Ultra Rare Normal Trap
177 Mediator of the Night - Dante Secret Rare Effect Monster
178 Protective Spirit Secret Rare Continuous Trap
179 Boneyard Rare Normal Monster
180 Foot Soldier Common Normal Monster
181 Infantry Common Normal Monster
182 Defensive Barracks Common Normal Monster
183 Chaos Command Blockade Common Normal Monster
184 Fierce Plasma Super Rare Normal Monster
185 Crystal Beast - Golden Lion Common Effect Monster
186 Earth Appariation Common Effect Monster
187 Water Appariation Common Effect Monster
188 Midnight Appariation Rare Effect Monster
189 Light Appariation Common Effect Monster
190 Fiery Appariation Common Effect Monster
191 Army Sniper Rare Effect Monster
192 Rodent Zombie Rare Effect Monster
193 Fire Elemental ● FOIE Common Gemini Monster
194 Earth Elemental ● GEOS Common Gemini Monster
195 Air Elemental ● ZONDE Common Gemini Monster
196 Water Elemental ● BARTA Common Gemini Monster
197 Storm Elemental Lord ● MAELSTROM Ultra Rare Effect Monster
198 Medic Rare Effect Monster
199 Chaos Command Ninja Rare Effect Monster
200 Combat Helicoptor Common Effect Monster
201 Phantom Beast Totemic-Spirit Super Rare Effect Monster
202 Roald, the Violet Warrior Rare Ritual Monster
203 Paper Healer Common Effect Monster
204 Paper Cleric Rare Effect Monster
204 Paper Druid Ultra Rare Effect Monster
205 Torment Mind Leech Ultra Rare Union Monster
206 Torment Shield Common Union Monster
207 Torment Heavy Stone Super Rare Effect Monster
208 Pause Rare Continuous Spell
209 AKA - 47 Common Equip Spell
210 Rocket Launcher Common Equip Spell
211 Handgun Common Equip Spell
212 Mortar Combat Super Rare Equip Spell
213 Rise of the Elemental Lords Rare Normal Spell
214 Draft Rare Normal Spell
215 Aerial Assault Super Rare Normal Spell
216 Purple Spirit Ritual Common Ritual Spell
217 Military Formation Common Continuous Spell
218 Torment Guard Common Continuous Spell
219 Torment Flip Common Continuous Spell
220 Paper Holy Symbol Common Equip Spell
221 Embargo Common Continuous Trap
222 Torment Boomerang Common Normal Trap
223 Epic FAIL! Ultra Rare Normal Trap
224 Mediator of Wind - Aeros Secret Rare Effect Monster

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