Axem Ultra is the star of Axem Adventure, and is a robot created on Axem, a planet near Nyntindois. He is humanoid, with a elongated head and a pipe-like mouth. He also wields a buckler and a greataxe.

Ultra's first appearance is based off of many bosses from Super Mario RPG. His head is from Axem Green, while his body is from Axem Yellow. His legs are Axem Pink's and Axem Black's. His left arm is Axem Red's, while his right arm belongs to Jinx. He wears a hat that looks like Belome, a shield looking like Jagger's shell, and Yaridovich's Spear, which is transformed into an axe.

He is the most balanced character, possessing all types of spells and armors. For more information, visit Axem Adventure. For unknown reasons, he seems to be hated by Wizarg.

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