Name Level Range Weight Base Damage Hit % Crit % Uses Extra
Avatar A 1-2 13 13 85% 10% 20 Hit & Crit May Change By Personal Avatar

Avatar is the strongest buyable Earth Magic spell in the Fire Emblem game. It takes an A-rank to use it. However, Avatar is an interesting weapon. It has different effects due to who uses it. It gives either a penalty or bonus to Hit rate and Crit chance of between -15% and 15%. It also creates a custom spell animation that is used only for this effect. This page documents these differences.

Normal Gameplay (Characters)
Character Name Avatar Name Hit % Crit % Animation
Charlie Rappy +15% -10% A yellow bird dive bombs the opponent.
Andrea Behemoth -10% +15% A giant purple beast ravages opponents.
Steve Mewtwo 0% +10% A psychic pokemon assaults the opponent.
Crystal Yami Kitty 0% 0% A wildcat attacks an opponent.
Muzi Tigger +5% 0% A tiger attacks an opponent.
Normal Gameplay (Enemies)
Character Name Avatar Name Hit % Crit % Animation
Generic Arcania/Ranger/Druid Shadow Zero -5% -5% A bunch of tiny shadow humanoids swarm the opponent.
Bonz Serpent +10% 0% A snake leaps out and bites the opponent.
Daemon Beelzebub +5% +5% A giant wasp flies into the opponent.
Macbeth Reaper -5% +10% The Grim Reaper appears, attempting to drag the opponent to the underworld.
Art Ditka +10% -15% A large bear attacks opponents.

If using a cheating device, several other unique animations are shown.

Cheated System
Character Name Avatar Name Hit % Crit % Animation
Josh Topaz 0% +15% Topaz shows up and blasts opponents.
Ben Quartz +5% +10% Quartz crushes opponents.
Jake Diamond +15% 0% Diamond Shows up and electrocutes opponents.
Kyler Ruby +10% +5% Ruby slides over opponents.
Benjamin Sapphire -5% +15% Sapphire Strikes opponents with his sword.
Sam Emerald -15% +15% Emerald Shoots hope dagger at the opponent.
Any Unlisted Character/Enemy Nothingness 0% 0% A simple Triangle is shot at the opponent.
Jordan Devian 0% +5% A dragon attacks the opponent with it's fire breath.
Jerry, Elaine, or Linda Leo +5% +5% A lion attacks the opponent.
Goliath Cube 0% +15% Cube attacks the opponent.
Eddy Elemental Eddy +10% +10% Elemental Eddy's true form comes through.

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