Avan is a large Avian, which is a type of bird. This means that he's over 30 feet tall. Because of this, he is used as a transport in most of his games. He has light blue feathers, and a horn on his forehead. Overall, he looks somewhat stork-like.

One bad thing about Avan is that he is fairly clumsy. Although his flights are smooth, his landings are usually very rough. There have been bets on how much damage he causes. He is always happy to fly people places, and hasn't seriously injured a rider.

Avan is friends with Polls, being that they are not used as often, and if so, they get used as transportation. However, since Avan can change forms, he is used far more often. Avan in all his forms uses physical attacks, with a few wind-based attacks.

Avan is in War of the Worlds and War of the Worlds VII: Y3K (though not as a playable character).

Avan can change form twice:


Hurribird is Avan's second form, which is about Medium-powered. He becomes bipedal in this form, but still bird-like as his new arms look like his legs. The horn on his head has grown, and a new one appears on his beak, like a triceratops. His feathers are now a darker blue.


Gryphobird is Avan's final form, and it is equal to some of the lesser gods. In this form, he gains a new pair of legs, making him look centaur-like (though still bird-like). He also gains an extra pair of wings, though he doesn't seem to use them for flight. His feathers turn a dark purple in this form. Finally, he wears a mask over his face. This mask covers the upper part, with holes for his eyes. The mask has two curved horns near his eyes and one long horn on his beak. Finally, the back of this mask has purple feathers for decoration, presumably his own.

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