Anthony Kracatoa




Voltivogas, Morac


Explosives (including dynamite and others)
Pyroblaster (Flamethrower-esqe gun)


Mine Scatter (scatters mines, including floating ones)
Demolish (Destroys structures)
Flare Up (causes a quick fire to spring up underfoot)
Nuke (Attacks with a mushroom cloud force. Not necessarily nuclear)
Gravity Bomb (Causes a heavy orb to appear, cutting HP)




July 4



Anthony is one of Kyler's minions. This is due to his affinity for fire based skills. In fact, Anthony is usually deemed a pyromaniac. Once he uses a fire skill, or a fire skill is used on him, he will instinctively use other fire type strikes, going all out with explosive warfare. This feeling is pacified a bit by his reliance on cigarettes, as the smoke soothes his pyromania rage.

Looks and AppearanceEdit

Anthony is a Cave josh, and as such requires sunglasses if he is to go out in sunlight. He also wears a leather jacket and leather shorts. The insides of the jacket are lined with various explosives, meaning that a stray attack may ignite them, dealing a suicidal blow to Anthony. He often uses this to his advantage, using fire attacks while his opponent cowers in fear.

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