Androbot is an android created by Josh. He is a fairly modern creation, and his detailed design shows it. He is mainly humanoid, and has two jet engines on his back, each based off of a separate wing. On his right arm is a cannon. His lower torso and shin contains heavy reinforcement.

Androbot's main advantage is his speed. He can pretty much outrun any creature. However, he is also prone to running out of fuel after a while, rendering him useless. His cannon and lasers are not very powerful, but are still a threat. His strongest attack, Cyblast, shoots out multiple lasers, and hits an area fairly badly.

Hyper RoboEdit

Hyper Robo is a combination of Androbot and Robo. It has the basic shape of Robo, but has extremely large wings with two engines on each. In addition, the normal canisters on Robo's back are re-purposed into fuel tanks, greatly extending the time that he can fly. Finally, he has two large lasers on each hand. Hyper Robo is a extremely strong demigod Class creature, able defeat some Gods' in their second form.


Androbot as a playable character is in few games. However, he is in a few games in the Reactor series as a summon.

War of the Worlds VII: Y3KEdit

Androbot is found in Chris Cave. You have to defeat Kenny beforehand, or else he will trap you and the game will require a restart.

War of the Worlds X: Shadows of SkiesEdit

Androbot is fought in the factory. He isn't much of a challenge, especially because he can be affected by Death spells. He is a Lvl. 4 challenge in the Fight Pod. When defeated, he drops the item used to summon him, the Rocket Engine.

Androbot: 7,200 HP/2,500 MP.
Weaknesses: Earth; Resistances: Stop, Slow, Sleep, Berserk; Absorbs: Air, Thunder
Attacks: Cyber Gun, Cyblast (hits all)
Stolen Item: Omega Speed Shoes; Dropped Items: Rocket Engine

As a summon, Androbot has no elemental properties, and uses Cyber Gun and Cyblast. He has average strength for a Guardian, but is eventually outclassed by stronger ones such as Moonteon and Omega Weapon.

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