A-1 is a powerful robot that Josh made some time ago. It is essentially a box with a lid, a set of legs, and a fairly weak mechanical hand that somewhat has a mind of its own. However, underneath this deceptively simple design lies one of the most powerful robots Josh has made. A-1 is short for Atomic-1, and is powered by atomic energy. In fact, many heroes get nervous if A-1 battles, as his only attack is to manipulate his systems and cause an atomic explosion. Anthony may be the only one to actually enjoy this attack. Usually, it is noticeable, due to an external timer system. Luckily, A-1 has a minimum set time to actually go of, and is almost always stopped in time.


Although not a major project, after meeting Anthony, both him and Josh decided to give A-1 an additional form. This form is mainly humanoid, but still retains the wild arm and facial structure. However, his right hand contains a flamethrower, and he has an active nuclear missle strapped to his back.

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